Solar collectors for home heating as an alternative energy source
SHARE ON SOCIAL NETWORKS FacebookTwitterOkGoogle+PinterestVk A large amount of solar radiation reaches the surface of the earth every day, which
How to make an exhaust furnace from a gas cylinder - theory and practice
How it works The part of the cylinder that was initially cut off will be used as a container
Photo - Warm floor in a greenhouse
Warm floor in a greenhouse: how to install a heating system with your own hands + diagrams, video
Is it possible to have a heated floor in a greenhouse? In winter, you cannot do without heating greenhouses. Apply
Rules for replacing heating pipes: selection of materials and installation
The procedure for implementing a heating system It doesn’t matter whether you install the heating yourself or
How to turn down the heating in an apartment near the meter
How to regulate a heat meter in an apartment building
One of the important steps towards saving budget funds on heating is
autonomous heating in an apartment building permission
Permission for autonomous heating in an apartment building - legal basis, technical requirements > Housing and communal services issues > Utilities > Permission for autonomous heating in an apartment building
Individual calculation of payments for heating in multi-apartment buildings has appeared - you need to know about this in order to spend money rationally
How is the heating of non-residential premises in an apartment building calculated?
Changes in 2019 that affected heating When calculating payments for heating in apartment buildings
Flat-plate collector
Installation of a vacuum solar collector with a storage tank.
How solar collectors work A solar collector is a functional structure used to generate energy. Her
Common mistakes when installing and starting a heating system
In this useful video from the company “Astrakhan. Climate World" provides some tips to help you avoid
Installing a gas heater for a greenhouse: 10 tips
A popular way to heat greenhouses is to use heat from burning gas. It will provide seedlings with the necessary heat.
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